There are many reasons to call the professionals at Elmwood Tree Service. Four major reasons that clients seek our expertise is for preventive tree maintenance, emergency tree care, crane expertise and our other tree services. Please feel free to browse through some of our many services below.

+Preventive Maintenance

Preventive tree maintenance includes the removal of trees due to the following factors:

 The tree needs to be removed for new construction or for an addition to your home

 The tree is “no longer with us.” A dead or dying tree can be an eye sore as well as a potential hazard

 The tree is located in a crowded location and is robbing other trees of necessary nutrition and care

There are other preventive tree maintenance measures. Contact us today for more information on all of the tree maintenance services we provide.

+Emergency Tree Care

Violent wind and storms can wreck havoc on your landscape, home, and other property. Trees can be uprooted and branches may have fallen that can cause monetary damage to your property. If you are in need of emergency tree care, please contact us immediately at our emergency number: 201-376-7562.

+Crane Expertise

One of the most essential tools in the tree maintenance business is the crane. And there are two major advantages that Elmwood Tree Service has over the competition:

 Our operators are licensed, certified, fully trained and insured for your peace of mind.

 One of the most common inconveniences of other tree services is the wait for crane rentals. However, we own our own crane!

+Other Tree Services

Besides our three core services, you can count on Elmwood Tree Service for your other tree service needs:

 Trimming of neighbors’ trees that are encroaching on your property.
 Trimming of trees that are encroaching on childrens play areas.
 Buildings trim for low or over hanging limbs.